28 Jan 2015

Backyard Home Putting Green Advantage is exactly what its name says: an Advantage. When it comes to having a putting green installed, you want the best of the best in terms of quality grass that feels and plays natural, and the one that fits your budget.


Get the Advantage of Experience. Staffed with experts and professionals, we work to create a variety of greens that fit exactly what you desire. Having a golf practice area is you taking the extra step to improve your game. We have a similar mindset. We understand how important it is that your golf green looks and plays great, and we take pride in our 500 golf practice areas that have already been installed and have satisfied customers for life.


Get the Advantage of Quality. All of our greens are created from the latest and best synthetic turf technology out there. You can relax knowing that our high standards of production are getting you a green made from top quality, premium materials that leave you with the sole responsibility of striving to lower your golf scores. You want a putting green that looks like one straight off a real golf course, and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you. Whether you’re seeking an indoor or outdoor facility, we’ll assess your destination’s layout, and then transform your area into an eye-catching putting green. Our greens even offer multiple tee positions and sand traps for those seeking serious improvement in their game.


Get the Advantage you Need. Having a golf practice area installed in the privacy of your own home allows you to work on your putting technique away from distractions and unwanted pressures that your local golf course may provide. You want the best; we’ll give you the best. That’s the Advantage you want. That’s the Home putting greens advantage.

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SEO & Energy Blogs

23 Oct 2014

Most business owners have realized that SEO is a very important marketing tool. In fact, most marketing experts will agree that companies which rank well on search engines have a competitive edge to those that don’t. Furthermore, the aspect of social media has completely changed the face of marketing. Its explosive growth has brought forth great opportunities for those businesses that are willing to embrace its unique nature.

If you can effectively coordinate your SEO marketing strategy with other social media networks, you will definitely get a better ROI (Return on Investment).

Using SEO marketing to rank a solar panel website:

If you know that potential customers are searching for phrases such as ‘the top residential solar panels long island’, you will definitely need a well thought out SEO marketing campaign to get their attention. By using this powerful marketing tool, you can uncover the kind of products your prospective clients are searching for. With the right SEO strategy in place, you can be known as the best solar energy long island Company.

You can also use different keywords in your LinkedIn profile, tweets, Facebook titles and YouTube descriptions to draw in more clients and generate a buzz. The main aim of SEO marketing is to get you top rankings as fast as possible. This means unveiling your brand on the different internet platforms.

If you want to be recognized as a top long island solar energy company, it’s very important that you also use tools such as Google Insights. When combined with other SEO techniques, you will know what topics are currently trending in your industry. This will provide with great feedback on what your customers want. In addition, it will significantly raise your internet profile.

Effective SEO marketing will not only give you better rankings on major search engines, but it will also help your business to grow and thrive.


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Since the remaining hydrocarbons are more hard to get to, the quest for oil and gas is always heading us into deeper waters and more remote landscape. Boring and culminations advances have enhanced drastically as of late, empowering the best Long Island oil companies.

Until the 1970s, rotational excavation was the overwhelming method utilized within vertical wells. In any case, these wells were insufficient to tap the maximum capacity of stores. Even excavation empowered by steerable devices was created as to be able to get to ranges of repositories that were formerly inaccessible, subsequently expanding creation. As of late, the same idea has been pushed further with extraordinary results: directional and broadened tools have permitted administrators to get to supplies a long way from the penetrating area.

Fruitions engineering additionally has advanced: Installations are carried out in less time and dependably deliver at more prominent rates. Cased-gap fulfillment includes puncturing the well packaging and framing so that oil or gas can stream into creation tubing. Open-opening culminations are an alternate alternative: Formations with feeble shake frequently oblige sand screens and rock packs to be embedded into the supply to balance out the gap and keep up the stream of oil from the store into the well bore. This procedure controls the movement of sand to dodge well disappointments and lost creation.

Next, acids and different liquids might be pumped into the well under high weight to crack, clean and invigorate the rock as to build their capacity of creating oil or gas. At long last, generation tubing is added to give a proficient and safe stream to the surface.

Enhancing Operations

Asides from planning new oil and gas wells for generation, the top rated oil companies in Long Island likewise revitalize existing wells. This procedure includes repairing or fortifying the well, for example, supplanting the tubing or developing the well—to restore or improve its generation of oil or gas.

Proceeded with interest in excavations and consummation innovations is paramount to getting deeper in the surface, hence why
some award winning oil companies on long Island maintain their prestige year after year.

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You may find yourself wondering: “Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…How do I keep track of them all?!”  Don’t stress!  Fity Social Media management company can help you out with that.  In this post, Fity will provide you with a few tips on how to keep up with your social media sites in order to continue the growth of your business and your customer base.

Consistency is a challenging, yet vital, part of the business world.  With so many different social outlets for consumers around the world, keeping track of your own business’s posts becomes difficult.  This is why the best way to attract internet users to your sites is by staying consistent by following these few helpful ideas:

1. Tone – Use the same tone in your posts.  Stay away from sounding too promotional in one post while sounding too professional in another.

2. Timing – Stick to a posting schedule.  If you post on certain weekdays, keep them consistent and continue to post on those days.

3. Frequency – Try not to overwhelm or underwhelm internet users.  Keep a consistent amount of posts each day that you post for a good balance.

4. Engagement – Use engaging and current information in your posts.  Convey your

company’s voice as best as possible.

In order to generate more website hits, all of your business’s networks should convey the same information.  If every professional social media management company site that you have for your business offers different information, your customers will become confused and uninterested.  Therefore, make sure you are always on top of your posting game by remaining consistent and educational to customers.  Maintaining consistency between all of your social media channels will have a huge effect on your company’s reputation.  Providing a united front on all channels can help increase the trust and security that your brand offers.

Here at Fity Social Media, we strive to help businesses keep their social media pages successful and consistent.  If you are interested in letting us take off the tasks on your social media “to-do” lists, then give us a call at (877) 261-7016 to learn more about how we can help you!

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27 Jun 2014

When you are planning a long distance move of your household, then you may need the services of an auto shipping company. Most people feel that car shipping is a highly demanding and stressful job. But by choosing a good auto shipping company you can make your car shipping a completely hassle free process.

We are the best rated car shipping company for all types of cars. We provide highly efficient and disciplined car transport solutions that ensure our clients’ vehicles are moved safely from their old residence to their new destination. We guarantee that by taking our services you will have one less thing to worry about during your move.

Salient features of our unique auto transport service

We are a fully bonded and licensed auto shipping company, which takes pride in our superior quality of customer care. However, there are many other services that we provide to our customers that makes us the best auto transport service.

Transportation service for all personal motor vehicles
Guaranteed on-time pickup and delivery
Affordable pricing
Status updates while transportation
24/7 customer service support

Hire our amazing auto shipping services

Whether you’re looking to ship just one car or multiple cars of your household, we can service your needs. We are always striving to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers at competitive and affordable prices. You must contact our customer service department to get a personal experience of how serious we are about providing the highest standard of safety and security in the car shipping industry. We utilize the most advanced car shipping technology for ensuring safe and timely transportation of your vehicle.

You deserve the best car shipping services

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you own, its transport must be handled by a reliable and quality car shipping service. Our reputation is the proof that our team of car shipping experts will deliver your car in the exact condition we picked it up. If you think your deserve the best car shipping experience for your vehicle, then we can deliver it to you. Do you need SEO for your auto shipping website?

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social media marketingSocial SEO simply involves the interaction part of social media links to improve the search rankings of a website. It works better if your website content is well optimized. However, this doesn’t occur overnight. It requires you to be descriptive and make sure your content is up to date. Below are some SEO and social tips that will improve your experience and search rankings.

1. Optimize social media profiles

The key to a friendly social media profile is being as descriptive as you can. Being descriptive involves filling out the ‘information’ and ’about’ sections of your social media platforms. Use phrases or words that describe your business and individuals who are likely to search for your business.

2. Optimize social media updates and content 

The best way to optimize your content is making sure you include the relevant search keywords for your pin descriptions, Facebook updates and tweets. You may also blog socially or share the content of your website to boost your Google Index.

3. Make your content shareable by building links

Link building is a key element in SEO. Links help in achieving good website-to-website relationships. Your website will be more authoritative if you have more quality sites linking to it. This gives you a higher SERP-rank.

4. Use Pinterest

It provides an easy way of creating shareable content. It improves your website because it has heavy traffic and higher SERP which is great for improving your keyword-strategy and link building. You may increase the visibility of your content by adding keywords on the title of your Pinterest board and its description. Moreover, you can customize it in a way that it links people to your blog or website.

5. Use Google+

Sign up for a business page and be sure to be spending about 10 minutes a day sharing your content to your page. Complete all the fields using the relevant keyword and add some customized links in your profile that links customers back to your blog, website and other social channels. Sharing your content is likely to improve your Google SERP ratings.

6. Create Google+ local listing

social media managersThis optimization is important because most consumers search for local business online. A local Google+ page allows consumers to search with the physical location of your business easily. Finally, be sure to be update location, contact and operations hours when necessary. Interested in having professionals handle your SEO? Contact our affordable Philadelphia SEO services company today for your free quote.


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We all love to learn new tips and tricks; but unfortunately, most of the SEO tips available today are either out-dated or totally irrelevant. To find a solution to this issue, I recently organized for a brief meet-up with some of the best SEO consultants in the industry today. I did some research on some of the world’s trail-blazing tips. Here’s a quick summary of 7 of the best ones we came across.

Content is King

content marketingContent is king in the internet marketing space for many good reasons. That being said, it’s high time you roll-up your sleeves so you come up with content that propels your website way ahead of your competitors on SERs. Ensure you’re writing on topics that are highly relevant to your audience needs by researching, analyzing, executing and scaling every article you publish.

Lure your audience into reading your articles

High quality content can be juiced up just by spending ample time crafting eye-catching headlines and quality images. All you want to do is keep your audience on the edges of their seats waiting to read your next article.

Leverage on the power of repeated publishing

When you’re writing content that is based on highly competitive keywords, you might need to use the power of repeated publishing. Consider making your content update-able on a regular basis so you take full advantage of the potential of your nice articles.

Targeted Landing pages

If you run an ecommerce site that features 5-10 products why not create targeted landing pages using your product’s unique keywords. This way, you’ll have a wider funnel to drive traffic to your site.

Sprinkle Some Humor

Brand familiarity and trust are a must-have ingredient when building an authoritative website. The best way to build trust and familiarity is by writing humorous and topical content.

Hang out with the big boys

It takes quite a long time to build a community around your website. As you work towards that, you might want to expand your network by building relationships with sites that are performing well – in a niche similar/related to yours.

It’s in giving that we receive

It is by supporting your peers and helping others that you’ll gain valuable links. So, don’t hesitate to help when an upcoming blogger comes to your for help. This could be a nice opportunity for you to build a rapport with him – and expand your online network of peers.

These are just but a handful of SEO tips you need to always keep in mind. It’s our sincere hope that you’ll make good use of each one of them going forward. Not sure you want to do SEO yourself? Let our professional bucks county SEO service handle your campaign! Contact us today for your free quote.

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Successful SEO campaigns require strategic plan revisions of information structure, quality content and incorporation of top SEO design factors. This requires a lot of time especially if you want to experience a positive effect in you search traffic. However, there are some 8 SEO tips that you can use every day to create opportunities for additional search traffic. You will need only 15 minutes daily to improve traffic. These tips include;

1. Examine your robots.txt file

Robosts.txt file is mainly created when a developer forgets to remove designations when moving content to new pages. It may be holding pages, images and folders from search engines which can increase traffic to your site. You can use Screaming Frog to fix any issues with robots.txt file.

2. Review site organic CTR 

The review is done on all pages revising Meta descriptions and title element where necessary. It results to quality content which is the main focus of the modern SEO. This improves your website within a short time and may retain some visitors.

3. Access your domain’s canonicalization 

It removes one form of link value dilution and duplicate content. If search engines are not displaying the version of your content, try to create a permanent 301-redirect to direct all non-www version landing pages to your www. site pages.

4. Examine the most linked page 

Some tools like Open Site Explorer will give you the status of the most linked page in your site. Some link pages may be displaying a 404 code or temporarily redirected. These issues are solved by a permanent redirection to boost the link value on your site.

5. Evaluate duplicate title elements 

You may use Google Webamaster Tools that indicate bad element structure, duplicate pages and keyword cannibalization. Try to correct any issue that may arise to make your site stronger.

6. Look for the most authoritative links

Some link such as click here, buy and learn more are too authoritative. You may avoid this by linking your site authority with Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer tools that assess your anchor text.

7. Examine your link targets

You will assess whether you have issues with duplicate content by reviewing the link target in all supporting navigations. Redirect any duplicate content and revise the links to target the complete pages.

8. Verify your Bing Local and Google listing

Web users tend to have more localized searches allowing you to own your off-site listings. You can claim your listings anytime after showing search engines that you control your external profiles.

The above tips are relatively cheaper and less time consuming. Utilize them and you will have an SEO friendly site. Contact us to use the best SEO services in the Philadelphia area. Our experts are standing by.

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